Robins Toddler Classroom

Toddler Care Program

Storybook School helps your toddler learn!

Our one year olds are split into two groups, one group of two teachers and 12 children and another classroom with one teacher and 6 children.

In our first toddler room we have our new one year olds. In this room they are transitioning from the infant room to the toddler room they are learning how to interact with each other and how to start using their fine and gross motor skills.

Our lead teacher has her CDA, 45 state mandated hours and CPR training. In our second one year old classroom we have two teachers who have their 45 stated mandated hours and CPR certified. They work together in teaching their older toddlers how to socialize and use their creative minds.

When a parent first walks into this classroom they will notice the amazing artwork done by one of our own teachers, who enjoys art and painting. They have created a fun and safe learning environment for the children.

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Storybook School
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