Canary Infant Classroom

Infant Care Program

Storybook School helps your infant grow!

During the infants first year there will be great changes occurring. Infants are unique, and they will grow and develop at their own rate and pace in their own way.

Infants have their own awake/sleep cycle, their own preference for how they like to be held, as well as their own preferences for interaction with you and others.

The way infants use their senses will vary and this is when they will begin to make sounds or words.


  • Help infants to learn through all of their senses, while providing a safe environment where they can explore and learn.
  • Provide a curriculum that offers a variety of experiences for the infants’ developmental age, such as play, physical development, language, sensory, exploration, and social/emotional development.
  • Provide a great deal of affection to ensure that the infants’ needs are met.
  • Each day you will receive an evaluation of your child so that you are kept updated on how and what they did, as well as how much they ate and what their mood was like.

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