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Pre K Class in Orlando FL

I’m learning so much at Storybook School!

Pre-Kindergarten helps to ensure that a child is intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially ready to enter elementary school.

Storybook School helps children prepare for kindergarten by providing a structured and organized learning environment. The primary focus through the pre- Kindergarten level is on enhancing social skills such as sharing, listening and cooperation.


  • Learning vocabulary, letters, words and literacy skills.
  • Math and cognitive skills such as sorting and spatial concepts.
  • Maintain a variety of hands on experiences.
  • Large and small group experiences that focus on social skills.
  • Help in the development of school readiness skills.
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum that encourages creativity and independence.
  • Open lines of communication between parents and teachers so that the child’s learning environment is consistent.

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Storybook School
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